Nicholas Van Doorn


Software Developer 💎🐧


Jan 2020 - Present

Super Good Software

Hooray! The people here are very kind and so is the software!

Super Good Software

SUPER GOOD is a software development agency specializing in Ruby on Rails, Spree/Solidus, eCommerce, and React. We have been working together to launch a new Rails app!

Sept 2017 - Feb 2019

BRNKL by Barnacle Systems

Barnacle Systems is a self bootstrapped company working on boat monitoring and security. I worked remotely as the sole implementer of the the BRNKL app, backend, embedded firmware, and production automation software (with thanks to many open source authors).



  • Implemented with TypeScript, Angular, RxJS, and Redux
  • Deployed on iOS, Android, and the web
  • Live data using RxJS and Firebase Realtime Database
  • Push alerts implemented over Firebase Cloud Messaging


  • Written in TypeScript and run on Node
  • Covered by unit tests and integration tests
  • Deployed on Google Cloud Pubsub and Firebase Functions
  • Integrated with cellular network via Sierra Wireless


  • Written in C with the Legato Framework
  • Custom circuit board based on ARM chip with Yocto Linux
  • Custom drivers for hardware peripherals (userspace and kernelspace)
  • Integration with backend to implement custom business logic
  • Successful deploys of over the air updates to customers
  • Test circuit boards against a suite of hardware tests
  • Active member of Legato and mangOH communities
BRNKL embedded device

BRNKL by Barnacle Systems

One of my co-workers from Forest Technology Systems left to found their own company and approached me to help with the initial version of the app and backend.

  • Transform mockups and prototype of app into initial commercial release
  • Implement initial backend based on prototype implementation
  • Design infrastructure such that it is self managed (i.e "stateless" or "serverless")
  • Design and implement local test environment for backend

Sept 2016 - April 2017

Forest Technology Systems

During my time at Forest Technology Systems, I worked with a small cross-functional team of engineers, product managers, and sales staff to transform a prototype camera system into a production ready product.

  • Implement components of embedded camera product aimed at the fire weather market (FTS RAOS)
  • Automate builds and installs of software updates
  • Integrate with user facing software as a service product
FTS RAOS camera system