Nicholas Van Doorn




April 2019

A theme provider for current level of sunlight

  • Component to provide the level of sunlight to all children using emotion-theming
  • Support for mapping sunlight level to theme (middleware prop)
  • Small wrapper around use-sunlight

Feb 2019 - Present

A Battlesnake so close to the metal, 6 CVEs have been opened while reading

  • Prototype for Battlesnake 2019, will be entered in contest in 2020
  • Dangerously close to the metal
  • All in on test driven development
  • Likely to be re-written in Rust

Jan 2019 - Present

A naive implementation of a NoSQL database

  • Designed to mimic the Firebase Realtime Database API
  • Written in TypeScript for the browser and Node
  • Code organized as monorepo with independent builds and integration tests
  • Can be used with a local filesystem or remote filesystem
  • Persisted in a static JSON file (don't use this in prod)
Chat Client Using Naive

Nov 2018 - Present

Automated audits and monitoring for your ISP

My home internet performance is consistently below spec and my ISP never believes me. Hopefully they will soon. Designed for maximum plug-ability.


tagIn Prod

Aug 2018

Functional programming in C with statically allocated memory

I like functional programming and I like C, so I tried to combine the two. In reality, a simple for loop is better, but I had fun trying this.

Jun 2018 - Feb 2019

Non-volatile time series data storage

A service that provide non-volatile storage for time series data. All reads and writes are multi-process safe so this service is useful for when one service is logging data and another is sending data.

April 2018

Automatically configure common settings for CF3 based modules

Automatically configure Sierra Wireless CF3 based modules for common GPIO and UART configurations.

Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

Support for the VC0706 camera on a Legato based project

  • Port of an Arduino style driver to Linux
  • Integrated with Sierra Wireless Legato Framework
  • In use with Sierra Wireless customers (see forums)
Camera Driver with BRNKL App

Jul 2017

A slightly more polite variant of CSS

ccss transforms the correct spelling of colour to color in your CSS. This was intended to be part one of a series of awful CSS transforms.

March 2017 - Present

A lightweight log viewer and server all in one

  • Log server implemented run in Node
  • Log client implemented with React
  • Support for custom configs and custom log parsing
slask Client Screenshot

Support media queries in Internet Explorer 8

IE Media Queries is a Javascript polyfill for Internet Explorer 8's lack of media query support. IE8 is more or less dead and unsupported, but I still enjoyed re-creating unsupported functionality

Code is easier than mental math

In 6th grade I made command line app to quiz myself on times tables.