Nicholas Van Doorn



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Values and Ethics heart

  • Design should consider all users
  • Design should be secure and prevent abuse by default
  • People are most important
  • Empower everyone to do amazing work

Skills and Experience map

  • Building beautiful user applications using web technology
  • Deploying function based infrastructure
  • Designing software systems as modules with interfaces
  • Orchestrating fleets of cellular devices
  • Designing and implementing embedded software

Tools wrench

  • TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Shell (I use zsh)

Future Learning Ideas flask

  • Learn more languages. I love deriving influence from all languages. In particular, I'm interested in Rust, Smalltalk, ReasonML, and Elixir.
  • Write a driver using the Linux framebuffer API. Although I never want to specialize in operating systems, learning about them is fascinating and helps me write better code at all levels of abstraction.
  • Implement TCP from scratch in C (bonus for x86 Assembly). We send a lot of data over the network so I want to zoom in on how it's done.
  • Write my own kernel with some basic threading (RTOS style)?
  • Reduce the overhead of declarative web primitives (React style API close to the metal).